Course Catalog/Grad Requirements

The following are the requirements for high school graduation. Please note that all course work qualifying for Graduating with Honors must be:
  • “B” or better
  • AP testing must be a 3 or above
  • One test under English, Science, Social Sciences and Resource Management must be achieved

  • Course Catalog Graduation Graduation with Honors


    4 credits (8 semester classes) 10 semester hours total of English with AP or college level courses


    4 credits (8 semester classes) 12 semester hours total of Science with AP or college level courses


    4 credits (8 semester classes) 10 semester hours total of Math

    Religious Studies

    4 credits (8 semester classes) Qur'an Academy or Equivalent Accomplishment

    Social/Science Studies

    3 credits (6 semester classes) 8 semester hours total of Social Studies/Humanities with AP or college level courses


    Fine Art


    1 Credits (2 semester classes) AP or college level course in Business/resource Management

    Foreign Language

    3 Credits (6 semester classes) 3 Credits (6 semester classes)

    Computer Science & Technology

    PE & Health

    4 Credits (8 semester classes) 4 Credits (8 semester classes)

    Other General Graduation Requirements

  • Community Service Leadership Work. 20 clock hours per year (80 total) **Recorded and Approved by Administration
  • Completion of PSAT
  • Completion of ACT & SAT or Administrator Approved Waiver
  • US constitution test at high school level successfully passed
  • Completion of 2 AP level courses

  • ** There is no option for early graduation.
    The four year plan does include possible college course credit at the time that the student reaches specific age and academic qualifications