Fri, Mar 18, 2022

In preparation for the IOWA Assessment, we will be celebrating Spirit Week during the week of April 11. The following activities will help kick off the week and build student motivation. School Spirit Week is also a lot of fun, so be creative! Even though the Uniform Policy requirement will be waived, please be reminded that students must dress Islamically appropriate. Students choosing not to participate in spirit week should come to school in regular school uniform.

Monday, April 11—Pajamas Day Wear your pajamas to school! And bring your favorite stuffed animal to cuddle with. If you wear slippers, please make sure to bring tennis shoes for your PE class. I Tuesday, April 12— Twin Day Choose a partner or two or three and dress alike! Students get to dress the same way as their assigned/chosen friends.

Wednesday, April 13— Sports Day Wear your favorite sports attire! I Thursday, April 14—Culture Day Wear your favorite abayas/thaub or your traditional clothing from your country/culture day!

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