Tip #4: Plan Activities for Siblings

Thu, Dec 31, 2020

This is a focus on Tip #4 as a continuation for the Setting up a Successful eLearning Environment topic. Tip #4: “Plan activities for siblings that are not of school age and incorporate them in sibling’s learning when you can”

What does this look like? · Setting out toy options or a sensory bin to provide a distraction when the parent is acting as the teacher. · Prepping coloring activities or tracing activities that can be done in the learning area during homework time. · Include siblings in review time. As you review concepts with the child(ren) in school, review colors, shapes, letters, and numbers with the younger child(ren). · Including the younger child(ren) in watching learning videos with his/her sibling.

Why is it important? · Independent play is important to teach the younger sibling(s) how to be creative and imaginative without the influence of someone else. Not to mention, it gives parents to opportunity to solely focus on their school aged child(ren). · Including younger siblings in the learning process makes them feel accomplished and instills the importance of education at a young age. Overcoming Challenges · Set ground rules for learning time behavior and have the older sibling model the behavior.

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