DU School Closing Policy

Sat, Jan 1, 2022

A number of procedures are in place in order to ensure that families receive accurate information about school closing due to inclement weather. We understand that our decision to open or close school in bad weather has a significant effect on families. Therefore, we would like to remind all parents that once we know about a change in school opening, the primary source of communication is the school website.

Please refer to the information below for helpful reminders about school closing.  As per the DU policy listed in the student handbook, school closing will be communicated no later than 6:30 AM the day of closing. IF THERE IS NO UPDATE on below mentioned primary sources of communication by 6:00 AM, then Daarul Uloom is IN SESSION. Again, we will do our best, InshaAllah, to communicate as early as possible the school closing information, possibly the night before or early on the school morning.  

Primary sources of school closing information in this order: 1. School Website (www.dupeoria.org) 2. School Email through parents list 3. Facebook Note: Make sure you update the email ids at the DU office in case if you are not receiving any DU emails.  

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