Level 1 Enrollment 2020-21

Thu, May 7, 2020

Enrollment to Daarul Uloom Quran Academy Level 1 Memorization Program 2020-21 is now open. Parents interested in enrolling their child to the DUQA Level 1 program for the next school year MUST : 1. Complete the registration and enrollment procedure on the dupeoria.org website 2. Use the link mentioned below to pick a time slot for your child to be evaluated. 3. Be present via ZOOM Video Conferencing with their child while testing [Link will be posted on the above sign up sheet] Students that complete and pass the evaluation process will have a confirmed seat in the Level 1 class [ONLY 8 spots available] and parents will be emailed a confirmation AFTER all testing is complete. If a child doesn't NOT pass then they will be placed on a wait list, and they will get an opportunity to re-test after all other signed up students have been tested [if all slots are not filled]

Reminder of Level 1 Evaluation Criteria: 1. Memorized the entire 30th Juz 2. Ability to read without mispronouncing the alphabets and too much hesitation. They should also be able to connect the letters and then the words.

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