2021-22 Scripps Spelling Bee Winners

Tue, Dec 14, 2021

Congratulations to all students who participated in the 2021-22 Scripps Spelling Bee competition and a special congratulation announcement goes out to the following students for winning the competition at their grade levels. Thank you to Mrs. Ramquist for organizing the competition. May Allah (SWT) reward all her efforts. School Champion: Kulsum Mohammed, 4th Grade School Runner-up: Douae Soliman, 8th Grade

1st Grade Winner = Nuha Junaidi Runner-up = Saria Almoujahed 2nd Grade Winner = AbdurRahman Alrefai Runner-up = Sakinah Malik 3rd Grade Winner = Leena Gharsalli Runner-up = Shifa Fatima 4th Grade Winner = Kulsum Mohammed Runner-up = Anam Ikram 5th Grade Winner = Nuha Mohammed Runner-up = Rawaa Raad 6th Grade Winner = Zaid Alrefai Runner-up = Sofia Almoujahed 7th Grade Winner = Zainab Shaik Runner-up = Muhammad (Ameen) Siddiqui 8th Grade Winner = Zubiya Mehnur Runner-up: Douae Soliman

Kulsum will go on to compete in the Local Spelling Bee Final at a location decided by the Scripps Spelling Bee. She will be competing with other school champions in Peoria. May Allah make her achieve her goal! If for some reason the school winner is not able to participate, the school runner-up, Douae, will take the school winner’s place. We hope that this spelling bee competition helps DU students expand their spelling skills and enrich their vocabularies.

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