Mask is Required!

Fri, Sep 10, 2021

As most of us know by now, social distancing and wearing a mask at all times are important measures to protect ourselves and our community. Therefore, I highly encourage all of us to adhere to these guidelines and requirements. It is DU requirement that all Students, Teachers, Parents, and any visitors to wear a mask in a proper way and comply to social distancing.

Therefore, since mask is required, DU have added an item labeled “Not wearing a mask/Improper mask wearing” to the Uniform Violation Form for students choosing not to follow the requirement. Please review the form and become familiar as we will insha’Allah start to evaluate the behavior and make adjustment. Form was emailed on September 10.

Student in violation will receive two verbal warnings before Uniform Violation is issued. Please pay special attention to the “Consequences for Violations” section and start coaching your student(s) on proper mask wearing.

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