Set up a daily routine/schedule

Mon, Nov 23, 2020

Set up a daily routine/schedule and stick to it. Include your child(ren) in making this decision Last week I shared with you the four tips on how to setup a successful eLearning environment. Insha’Allah this week, I will share the details on the first tip - “Set up a daily routine/schedule and stick to it. Include your child(ren) in making this decision”.

What does this look like? • Waking up at the same time Monday through Friday. • Getting dressed and ready for the day. • Block out time for reviewing, learning, and homework. • The All-Day Learning Schedule: Divide subjects into 1 to 2 hour blocks throughout the day with an hour lunch/recess. (Ideal for K-2nd grade.) • The Split Day Learning Schedule: Divide subjects evenly between morning and afternoon. The morning is dedicated to 2-3 subjects while the afternoon is dedicated to 2-3 subjects with an hour lunch/recess to act as your transitional period. (Ideal for 3rd-6th grade.) • The Typical School Day Schedule: Power through a 4 hour block of learning in the morning, break for an hour lunch/recess and continue for an additional 2 hours in the afternoon. (Ideal for 7th grade-12th grade.)

Why is it important? • Consistency is important. • Time management is an important skill for your child(ren) to develop, which in turn sets them up for academic success in the future. • It will open pockets of time for parents to balance work and household obligations while maintaining consistency with E-learning. Overcoming Challenges • This process is trial and error. It is normal to rearrange your e-learning schedule multiple times until you decide on which one works best for your household. • Commit to one schedule for an entire week before changing anything because it will take at least 3 days for your child(ren) to adapt to the new routine.

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