Tip 2: Taking multiple mental/snacks breaks

Mon, Dec 7, 2020

Last week, I shared Tip #1 for Setting up a Successful eLearning Environment series. This week, the focus is on on Tip #2—“Taking multiple mental/snacks breaks”.   

_______________________ What does this look like?:  -15-20 minutes where no learning occurs, that is screen free, and the child picks the activity.   >K-2nd grade: 3-4 breaks not including lunch  >3rd-6th grade: 2-3 breaks not including lunch  >7th grade-12th grade: 2 breaks not including lunch  -Stretch/Exercise break  -Going outside for some fresh air.  -Eating a snack.  -Art activity  -Sensory Bin  -Board Game

___________________________ Why is it important?:  -Children need to reset and refocus before moving on to the next subject and this provides them this opportunity.   -Parents have the opportunity to engage in a playful activity with their child(ren). ___________________________   Overcoming Challenges:   -Somedays will require more breaks than others and being flexible with breaks decreases frustration between parents and children.   -Do not give more than 15-20 minutes because again consistency is key. 

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