2020-2021 School Year Outlook and 2021-2022 Start

Wed, Feb 17, 2021

First, I would like to praise and thank Allah (The Exalted) for keeping us safe. Next, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our wonderful staff for an incredible team effort as we launched eLearning and limited in-Person learning programs this academic year. This ongoing collaboration has provided us with a quality opportunity to ensure instructional effectiveness, fine tune our responsive services, and achieve overall academic success for our students.

As you are likely aware, this continues to be a very fluid and dynamic situation. Furthermore, the empirical data for the state and county is improving from last month. However, as of February 6th, the number of cases were still well above August's recorded cases. An additional criteria for making decisions is the professional advice and counsel of medical professionals. I, personally, had multiple conversations with our local doctors to assess the risk and majority continue to be supportive and empathize with our desire to move back to in-person learning. However, they advise that in-person learning is not something they would endorse yet. In light of this updated information and in my commitment to provide a timely decision, I would like to convey the following determinations:

1. Insha’Allah, we will extend the current learning model until the end of this academic year (2020-2021). | 2. Insha’Allah, we plan to conduct a safe in-person graduation as long as conditions continue to improve. If conditions worsen we will, insha’Allah, hold a virtual graduation. | 3. Insha’Allah we intend to plan for full in-person learning for the next academic year (2021-2022). | I ask Allah (The Exalted) to continue to protect all of us and guide us in making the right decisions for all of our safety. Should you have any questions and/or concerns please feel free to contact me at your own convenience.

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