Parent Assistance Program

Fri, Aug 23, 2019

Parent Assistance Program is implemented as a means of obtaining parental support of all the activities necessary to enrich the school experience for its students and also to promote a strong ethic of volunteerism since actions are linked to good deeds. Additionally, we would like parents to be actively involved in the school as effective partners in our development and success.

Each DU family must complete a total of 20 hours. The first 10 hours need to be completed before the start of Winter Break. The next 10 hours need to be completed before the end of the school year (by May 15).

If however you are unable to fulfill any hours due to your busy schedule, you may opt out from this program by paying the $200 fee by August 31. Please also know that parents will be charged $15 per hour for every hour that is not completed by the end of school year.

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