Drop-Off Procedure

Fri, Aug 18, 2023

The safety of everyone in our community is our highest priority. Therefore, it is important for DU to continue to improve and streamline its processes to ensure the safety of our community. Please see the attached Drop-Off and Pick-up Procedure for details. Following these simple steps will insha’Allah make drop-off safe for all of us.

Parents are to use circle drive ONLY when your student(s) (KG and up) is/are ready to leave car once you stop. Parents of preschool students must park in the designated parking space and walk with their student(s) into the building.

If you choose the circle drive (KG and up), your car must be within the drop-off area before student(s) come out of the car. Drive to the front of the circle drive (not in the middle) so we can fit as many cars as possible within the drop-off area. All students must come out from the right side of the car.

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