Daarul Uloom Islamic School has an obligation to provide an excellent academic and Islamic education for all students.  With the intention to be fair to students, emotionally and academically, we feel it is necessary to establish guidelines regarding promoting students to a subsequent grade or retaining students in their current grade.

The purpose of this policy is to provide the standards and guidelines for the promotion and retention of Daarul Uloom Islamic School students.  In providing these guidelines, the school demonstrates its commitment to several main objectives:

  • Promoting high educational standards for its students.
  • Ensuring that there is consistency in the educational opportunities provided to all students.
  • Implementing a plan of monitoring to verify that the quality of instruction and type of instructional materials provided to students are designed to achieve student mastery of the skills and knowledge which are assessed in making promotion decisions.
  • Early identification of at-risk students and the implementation of systematic academic intervention as the most effective method to help all children achieve success in school and avoid grade retention
  • Ensuring that our school’s educational objectives are met in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.

A student may be retained should he/she not have reached a standard of achievement necessary for satisfactory progress in the next grade.  Retention shall be considered only after all other options have been pursued and parents have been fully informed and involved over a reasonable period of time.  Having the support of parents for the retention of a student is essential to the success of the program.  In all retention cases that are being considered, the main concern must be of the best interest of the student’s emotional, social, and academic needs.


  1. Parents and students will be made aware of the retention policy at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Assistance will be provided at the earliest point the child is identified as being at-risk of obtaining a failing grade in all core subject areas.
  3. After the first quarter, parents should be invited for a conference to share the Personal Educational Plan (PEP), which will be devised to remediate and eliminate deficiencies. Intervention may include but is not limited to the following: in-class interventions, after-school tutoring, extended learning opportunities, other alternative programs or modifications in teaching and learning. Documentation of the intervention and the effect on achievement is required.  Additionally, the modifications will be noted on the report card. Intervention must occur for 2 quarters before retention decisions are made.

(Recommendation Letter for Student Support for PEP, and PEP given to parents.)

  1. Close contact will be maintained between the school and parents throughout the school year.  Interim progress reports should be sent home midway between each nine weeks for students with poor academic status.  Personal contacts and requests for conferences should be scheduled and documented when warranted, particularly during the 2nd and 3rd quarters.
  2. Between March 31st and no later than April 30, the principal shall arrange a conference with each teacher regarding retention recommendations.  Teachers shall bring all appropriate data to support recommendations.  A thorough analysis shall be made on each student considering and weighing all factors.  At this time, the principal will decide whether the retention can be supported and justified OR a second round of interventions strategies will be implemented.
  3. IF, a second round of intervention strategies are recommended, then the sole responsibility is placed upon the parent to meet the school identified requirements. The school’s Promotion/Retention Committee consisting of the Principal, present teachers, and previous year teacher will recommend the second intervention plan, which may include but is not limited to the following: summer school, tutoring, extended learning opportunities, or other alternative programs.  In order to be considered for promotion to the next grade, parents MUST provide documentation of the intervention and the effect on achievement. Additionally, the student MUST pass either the end-of-year exam from the “retention” grade or pass the placement exam for the grade of “promotion”.

(Parent support for intervention letter given to parents.)

  1. IF, the student is being retained by the committee, then a letter should be mailed to the parents of students being retained; informing them of the school’s intent, by April 30th.  Parents should be invited to a conference so they may have a full explanation and justification of the retention. The final decision will be made by school administration.  Children will be retained only after a careful consideration and documentation of all factors and indicates that non-promotion will be for the best interests of the student.

(Retention letter given to parents.)

  1. Copies of the” recommendation for student support” letter, student’s PEP, “parents support for intervention” letter (if applicable), and end-of-year retention letter should be maintained in the student’s permanent record.
  2. An appropriate instructional program should be developed for students who are retained.
  3. The following retention criteria will be considered:
    1. Final over-all subjects grade of D or F in 2 or more core subject areas.
    2. Standardized test scores indicating below grade level performance.
    3. Excessive absenteeism
    4. Previous retentions
    5. Age and maturity
    6. Socialization
    7. Psychological effect of retaining the student
    8. Teacher judgment as to benefit of retention

Borderline Grades

If a Daarul Uloom Islamic School student has borderline grades, mandatory attendance in an independent tutoring or summer school program that focuses on the core subjects with a passing grade is required.  Promotion into the next grade will only occur if the student passes either the end-of-year exam from the current grade or the placement exam for the grade of “promotion”.

A committee consisting of the principal and the classroom teacher will meet to decide if the student will be retained.  The decision of the committee is final.

Additional Promotional Guidelines

8th Grade Constitution Test: All 8th grade students must pass the US and State of Illinois Constitution tests in order to graduate and continue on to high school.

Incoming Students: Students who were previously enrolled in private schools or other school districts who enroll in Daarul Uloom Islamic School in any grade may be evaluated for appropriate grade placement.