Daarul Uloom Islamic School – Parent Testimonials

“I would like to take a moment and acknowledge how Daarul Uloom Islamic School of Peoria has changed our lives. My kids attended an Islamic School from the beginning of their school life in MCC Morton Grove, IL. That school had a great curriculum and support. Moving in from the Windy City, Chicago, to Peoria three years ago, we were concerned if we would find a comparable Islamic school.

Needless to say, DU has definitely exceeded our expectations in terms of curriculum and providing a safe Islamic environment. The staff has been extremely supportive, friendly, and helpful. We felt welcomed in the school as well as the community.  Any issues that arise are addressed immediately. Overall, the school has opened many doors to ideas and growth and positively reinforces the comments.

As a parent, I love the fact that the kids get exposure to both types of education, deen and duniya. They learn discipline, building character, and confidence. Although the school was fairly new when we moved, it has established very well and is positively growing, Alhamdulillah. I also like the extracurricular activities that are ongoing at this school. DU also offers a very strong Hifz Program with hard working dedicated staff.

I thank Allah (SWT) for having such a great school and community in this small town. I would also like to thank all – the administration, Mrs. Rustom, Mrs. Farghaly, all the teachers, and staff for their hard work and endless efforts in running this school. Your influence and encouragement to our students are positively affecting their development and their intellectual level. Alhamdulillah, the kids are getting great Islamic knowledge as well. I can’t stress enough to thank all the teachers for the hours they spend to prepare the lesson plan and to execute the information and helping that child to learn and retain the information. It’s a very difficult task and I envy you all for all that you do. May Allah reward you for your dedication and endless efforts to reach our children. Thank you so much!!”

-Farzeen Patel, Parent of Pre-K2, 6th & 8th Grade Students

“My son has been a student at Daarul Uloom for three years (PreK2-2nd) and I am amazed with both the academic and religious education at Daarul Uloom.  I am amazed by my 7-year old son who proudly identifies himself as a Muslim.  As a second generation Muslim in America, I am very appreciative of DU in instilling this self-confidence in him.  Just to give an idea to a prospective parent, he has memorized and recites at least 12 Quranic surahs confidently (recites them all the time at home), sings songs about Islam, is learning the Arabic language (and I do not speak Arabic), and has learned about the prophets and the basic beliefs of Muslims.  He is surrounded by caring yet firm teachers who provide individualized attention to each student and who challenge the students to even exceed parents’ expectations.  Academically, my son is ahead of his public and private school peers in reading and mathematics.  I am surprised by how much my son has learned in so little time.  Thank you, Daarul Uloom, for providing such an impressive institution to our children in Peoria.”

-Azra Hussain, Parent of 2nd Grade Student


“I would like to share my family’s experience as this is our second year at Daarul Uloom. We have three children in three separate grades. For two of them, this is their first year of school and for the other, he previously attended public school for two years. I can say that after only a few months in their first year of school our two youngest children have learned more than I could have imagined! They have learned reading, writing, and math at what we would have considered a very accelerated rate in public school. Our oldest child who attended two years of public school was at the top of his class during that time. This year he has had to work hard just to catch up with his peers at Daarul Uloom. Alhamdulillah, he is being challenged in every aspect of learning and has benefited greatly. Last, and most importantly, our children are not only learning their deen, but also they are proud of their Muslim identity. They’re excited to tell us what new du’a or ayat they’ve learned. And they’re happy to go to school each and every day with other Muslim children who they can relate to. In the public school system it was a constant battle to try and shield our son from un-Islamic influences; whether it was holidays, inappropriate speech, dress, manners, etc. Children, no matter who they are, want to fit in and be accepted by their peers. Daarul Uloom has made it easy for our children to understand that fitting in means being a good Muslim. In closing, it is my sincere advice to the Muslims of this community to seriously consider the future of their children, and how their surroundings and educational rearing sets the foundation for their future, both as students/scholars and as Muslims. Alhamdulillah, the environment provided at Daarul Uloom is one of righteousness and academic excellence.”

-Ayan Jama & Ahmad Boggs, Parent of KG, 2nd and 5th

Grade Students